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A former fashion stylist, now a mother, self-published Children's author, mentor to launching Little Omo during the 2020 lockdown, my journey has been a whirlwind, from being made redundant during my pregnancy, to establishing a business.Little Omo offers diverse learning materials and toys, promoting inclusivity through play. The brand has featured in over 50+ publications from print, online and TV. I'm proud to say Little Omo became the first inclusive toy brand at Selfridges London and the initial British brand at Disneyland California. Our global presence in nurseries, primary schools, and educational spaces has grown, with a fantastic community of 15,000+ followers across our social media. Excited to share my insights and support those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey.

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Choose from a 15 minute free consultation, pick my brain for 30 minutes, 1 hour consultation and more. If you just thinking about a business idea or already have your business, I will be more than happy to help you with any area you may be struggling in.

Reviews from mentees


I was privileged to have been approached by Desiree who carved out time to coach me through the essentials of starting a business. I had pretty much been researching online but having someone else (who is doing well in a similar field) talk through their experiences was even more insightful. Prior to meeting on zoom, Desriee took time to send me messages on Instagram with helpful information - such as the legalities of starting a business and even more so the importance of some of these aspects - with examples.Desriee also asked if I had specific questions / aspects that I wanted her to cover before the meeting, which I thought made the meeting very efficient. In addition to this, she also had her own checklist.

The meeting (via zoom) lasted about 2 hours and 30 minutes (this was also more time than we had intended). What was really impressive from the first instance was her initial approach of asking me questions about the resources I was selling and how they came about. She took genuine interest in the vision behind what I was venturing into. She was thorough with her explanation of different aspects of starting a business and answered questions in detail - some with visual examples (she made use of technology by sharing her screen to further help me comprehend the things she was explaining).

As a visual learner, this was really useful for me. Some of the aspects that were covered during the initial meeting were: marketing, legalities, shipping, wholesale selling, selling online and the pricing of items. She also kindly sent a link for an item post meeting (which was really helpful). Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin when starting a business, even with the information I had been reading online, it still felt like I needed extra support and Desiree’s initial meeting provided exactly that and more: support, encouragement and valuable information.

Post the meeting, Desriee suggested having other mini sessions with her along the way. It’s really reassuring to know that there is a coach I can turn to – especially one who is approachable, knowledgeable and experienced in a similar field. I left the meeting feeling more equipped to start my business venture. The practical examples she gave and her personal experiences were far more effective than reading information on the internet.