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Little Omo is an inclusive award-winning brand create by first-time mother Desriee (Founder & CEO) with the intention of providing educational materials and toys for children, that include and teach them about diverse cultural representation.

It was a priority for Desriee while she was pregnant with her son Isaiah to create these products, as there were very few options available in the UK to teach and celebrate diversity in a fun way for children within their early years of their life. The team at Little Omo are focused and determined to help children of diverse background feel represented and included.

Our toys and resources are great for independent learning as well as family activities. We strive to further expand our range to grow with your child, to reflect minorities and marginalised cultures - we hope you can enjoy and celebrate this journey with us.


Here at Little Omo, our mission is for all children globally to be able to have inclusive resources available for them to learn at school and at home. We want to ensure that diverse educational materials and images of representation are common in spaces that children.

We want our resources to represent community groups inclusively and provide education about diversity, having our product range accessible and supportive of early development builds a new inclusive norm for the exisiting and future generation of children.

We have ensured our learning materials are in line with the EYFS framework; this means our products are recommended to support key early years development and support children's growth holistically. We have been added as a diverse resource to teachers on a platform called pallet by Julian Grenier who wrote the most recent EYFS for 2021.

social impact

It's extremely important to our founder Desriee to be able to give back to charities, non-profit organisations and unprivileged children and families. At the Little Omo team, we allow each team member to choose a cause to donate to, that is dear to them. Our most recent donation has been to Books2Africa, who use the money to be able to ship a quantity of books in Africa.

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