At Little Omo, we design, create and provide products for parents who will pass it onto their children to learn and play with. It's important for us to make sure we minimise any harm or damage to the environment, to help preserve the planet for our children. We are always looking at ways to improve and the ways of working in-house and with our suppliers.

Our products
All of the products are designed and created in the UK, it's important to us to use high-quality and safe materials when providing our products to you, our customers. We care about the longevity of our products, as these can be items that can be handed down as heirlooms and packed away that will grow as your family grows or passed down to another little loved one and friends. We want your children to remember Little Omo as the collection they used to play with during their childhood.
A child smiling and placed next to him is the Little Omo face puzzle
As we continue to educate ourselves as a business and finding ways to help the planet, we are looking at how we can do this through our products and packaging. The wood that is created to make our puzzles is made from FSC a sustainable source of wood from Ireland, our flashcards and posters are printed on FSC paper, we have reduced the amount of packaging materials in orders that are shipped - but it is still important for us to make sure your packages are protected and in no way damaged from leaving us to arriving with you.

Our packaging
All of our cardboard boxes are made from recycled paper which is great as it create a eco-friendly cycle. We do use a plastic protection over our face puzzles to prevent the pieces coming out and being damaged, our mailing bags for our bigger parcels are made from plastic.

If you’re unsure of where to dispose of your waste and packaging, the below table will help you along the way.