Are flashcards good for babies and toddlers ?

Are flashcards good for babies and toddlers ?

One thing we always let our customers know is that, flashcards are not just to be used alone all the time. All children have different ways of taking knowledge in and it's important to understand and explore how your child enjoys to learn and play. We would always recommend to implement a variety of other developmental or educational resources and toys to use alongside our flashcards while teaching your child.  A is for apple and B is for bike, this is the most common way that parents are told or have been taught in the past.This technique is great for a child who understands the meaning behind the objects but for a child who is just at the stage of learning what the Alphabet is.

How will the Little Omo flashcards benefit your child:
• Fine motor skills
• Your child may recognise characters in the set that look like her/him
• Stimulates your child and allows space for independent thinking 
• Introduces cultural awareness in your child's area of play & learning 
• Maximise the benefits of repetition and improve your child's memorisation skills 

It's vital that you add in props to help them understand and gain more knowledge in that area. Children love to taste, hold, grab, pull, touch anything around them, this is a great way to get them to learn by involving things they love to do daily. Our parts of the body flashcard set is so popular as it allows parents, guardians, carers and early year educators to use expressions to allow the child to grasp what each part of the body does and is used for. When you are selecting toys, books, resources for your child always remember the end goal should be that your child interacts with the toys, book or activity and the most important is that they are happy and had fun. 

The answer to the question 'Are flashcards good for babies and toddlers ?' it is honestly up to the parent/guardian/carer to decide, there are a lot of foods and drinks that are not good for our bodies but we tend to have them either all the time or occasionally. Our flashcards have so many benefits from being able to allow children of colour to feel recognised while learning and introducing diverse products into the home of all children. We are so passionate about our products and two of many of our objectives is to create more diverse products that represent children of colour and increase development skills.

We will be sharing so many fun activities created by ourselves and brand reps for Little Omo, so you have different ways of adding our flashcards in while teaching your little ones.
Click here to have a look at the Little Omo flashcards.


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