Choose wooden toys over plastic this Christmas

Choose wooden toys over plastic this Christmas
Wooden toys are one of the best presents you can purchase for a little loved one this Christmas, there are many benefits to including natural toys into a child's playroom. One of the advantages of wooden toys is that it's environmentally friendly compared to plastic toys that have a high amount of chemicals included while in production.
There is so much work that goes into creating our wooden puzzles at Little Omo, we pride ourselves in creating puzzles that are of the best quality and safe for your children; all products undergo toy safety checks and all puzzle designs are printed using non-toxic inks. We want you as the parent, relative or someone who is gifting to be reassured and know that your little loved ones can play freely with their wooden toys without any worries. 

 Did you know ?
A child receives at most £500 worth of toys in one year from parents and relatives according to a study by World Atlas. Toys are an essential part of a child's development and it's very important to make sure that the toys are safe for their little fingers, tested products and don't have any harmful chemicals attached.
The benefits of wooden toys 
1. You will spend less when you have wooden toys
The longevity of wooden toys will make it last longer in a child's playroom compared to plastic toys that damage quicker.
You will probably find that in a year you will end up buying more plastic toys that wooden toys.

2. Pass down from one generation to the next
There is so much more durability and resistance with wooden toy allowing them to be passed
 from one generation the another, like an heirloom.

3. Improves and inspires imaginative play
It's important to add toys into a child's playroom that doesn't just have one use, many wooden toys can be used for other play activities, for example; our whole food puzzles are a great pieces to use with your
child if they are playing with their toy kitchen, they could add the foods into their basket, pop it in pan or oven. Toys should spark curiosity and a child's imagination as well as; improving their motor skills, build their hand-eye coordination and social skills.

4. Natural products and helps the environment
All of our puzzles are made from FSC wood meaning that it is a natural material and doesn't include any dangerous toxins that you normally find in plastic toys. It's environmentally friendly because of the biodegradable nature and the ability to be recycled. By purchasing a wooden toy is a positive way of giving back to the environment and having one less product filling up the landfills.

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