Pen Control Practice

Pen Control Practice
Pen control activity 📝
I love using the Alphabet flashcards with Isaiah and finding fun ways to keep him engaged. I always say that this set has so many activities out of the three sets, from babies to primary school age.

I set this activity up yesterday after he had his dinner and just before bedtime. He loves writing and drawing on the whiteboard so I though we could start exploring pen control activities again. I placed the flashcards to create the word ‘House’ , he wanted to show me that he could recognise the difference between uppercase and lowercase. After, I adjusted the space between the flashcards and he started drawing around until he got to the last letter. This really helps develop their concentration skills as they are going round each one.

Here are some other activities you can try:
✏️ Pen control exercises: Encourage your child to move around the flashcards with a marker on the whiteboard. Move the flashcards’ arrangement and prompt your child to draw straight lines, zigzags, or spirals for extra fun.

✏️ Uppercase and lowercase recognition - Prompt your child to identify specific letters or shout out a letter to locate the corresponding uppercase or lowercase version on the flashcards.

✏️ Colour recognition - Help your child recognise the various colours on the whiteboard and challenge them to find an object in the room that matches a particular color.

✏️ Letter pronunciation - Practice letter pronunciation to help in decoding written language and the ability to learn new words independently.

✏️Word reading - If your child is at the reading stage, encourage them to read the words on the flashcards. This can add an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the activity.

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